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Ratik Sharma

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I'm Ratik, a Designer/Developer based in India.

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It’s surprising how small the world is, the world of ideas. Almost all creatives have this problem; the problem of not having enough original ideas. Coming up with an idea and realising that it isn’t one in a million is frustrating. In fact, it sucks. Ideation is considered to be one of the hardest parts of the creative process for this reason.

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Uttam is a wallpaper app for Android that gently refreshes your home screen each day with perfectly crafted wallpapers. Uttam is a transliteration of the Hindi word उत्तम, which means “perfect".

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We've had some horrid experiences with professional front-end development houses and no one has even come close to the work Ratik did for us.

I was in dire need of someone who could handle the technical aspects of running a campaign and Ratik proved to be perfect for the job. He was thoroughly professional, told me exactly what we can do and cannot. In every sense of the word, Ratik was our backbone.

Working with Ratik was been a great experience. He helped develop a website for an event in college and truly handled the job like a professional. Right from the designing to managing the logistics of the website, Ratik was the frontman all throughout.

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