Unique Perspectives

It’s surprising how small the world is, the world of ideas. Almost all creatives have this problem; the problem of not having enough original ideas. Coming up with an idea and realising that it isn’t one in a million is frustrating. In fact, it sucks. Ideation is considered to be one of the hardest parts of the creative process for this reason.

So, what does one do? How does one tackle this? I can tell you how I tackle the situation and then you can go on forming your own opinions!

Let me explain

So what if something you thought of already exists out there? You can do it better! You, as an individual have a unique perspective. Use it. I’m sure what you make will be amazing!

Imagine this: what if Mark Zuckerberg did not create Facebook? He could have looked at MySpace and stopped, right? But, he didn’t. He pushed on because he had a vision. He had his own unique perspective.

On the other hand, look at WhatsApp. WhatsApp, at its core is an instant messaging app. There were a lot of instant messaging apps available when WhatsApp was first released. What do you think is the secret behind WhatsApp’s success? It’s cross-platform! They pushed and got the app working on essentially every platform out there! Our perspectives are what makes our work stand out.

But, wait. There’s a caveat…

Now, I would urge you to take my advice with a grain of salt. Sometimes, there are other variables involved. A startup, for instance has limited money. For them, working on a rather original idea makes more sense. They should not waste money experimenting. What if you’re a giant company with a pre-existing market share. For you, recreating a product with a unique perspective associated is a good approach.


So, next time when you find out that your idea isn’t that unique after all, don’t stop there. Push. Research. Show some grit. Work.